New Nokia devices rumoured

Nokia LogoWhile Microsoft may have retired the Nokia brand from the mobile market, it looks as though the Finnish firm is preparing to make a comeback before the end of 2016, with as many as four fresh mobiles and tablets apparently in the works.

Android Authority reports that an executive representing Nokia in China has confirmed that it is indeed in the process of developing multiple smartphones, with the intention to launch them in the last few months of the year.

In spite of Nokia’s previous support for Windows Phone, it seems that the gradual decline of Microsoft’s mobile platform has motivated it to instead pick Android as the OS of choice for its upcoming devices.

What makes this news even more interesting is the suggestion that Nokia will not be handling the manufacturing itself, but will instead be outsourcing this to a firm called HMD.

At least two of the new phones will sit at the upper end of the market in terms of specifications, with the promise of QHD screen resolutions, octa-core processors and high pixel count cameras all circulating on the rumour mill.

Nokia still holds some clout as a brand, so its return to the fray is not particularly surprising. Whether or not it will stay afloat this time around is another question.