New Nokia Lumia phone to launch next week

Nokia Lumia 925

Industry reports suggest that the Nokia Lumia 925 will be making its first appearance at an event to be held on the 14th of May, with London being the host city for the initial unveiling.

According to Hot Hardware, the Lumia 925 follows in the footsteps of the Lumia 920 and will run Windows Phone 8, along with a host of powerful hardware components.

This includes a 4.5 inch HD display, a dual core processor and a gigabyte of RAM. On the rear is an 8.7 megapixel camera and the main difference between this model and its predecessor, is the shape of the chassis.

Hopefully, the Lumia 925 will be a bit thinner and lighter than the 920, since Nokia’s phone is definitely chunkier than rivals like the HTC One and the Apple iPhone 5.

This is just a rumour at the moment, but Nokia is known to be developing a number of new Windows Phone handsets for launch in the coming weeks, so it seems like fairly solid information.

Nokia’s gradual revival has started to pick up pace and with more Lumia phones on the way, it could put itself in an even better position.

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