New Notched Display Anticipated for Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

The S10 Plus is likely to sport a slightly unusual screen, opting to embrace the notched approach of rivals like Apple and Huawei but setting this indent in the right corner rather than the centre of the upper bezel.

Samsung Galaxy S10
Samsung Galaxy S10

This news comes after images of a prototype version of the device appeared on SlashLeaks, prompting much debate about the design direction that Samsung is taking with its upcoming flagship.

Some claim that the pictures are actually misleading and that there will not be a notch at all. Instead, it is said that observers were given a false impression about the presence of a notch when in fact it was a screen protector, according to Tech Radar.

Even if this side-notched screen does not make it to the final version of the S10 Plus, Samsung does look set to add two camera lenses to the front of the new phone when it arrives next year. This would enhance its selfie-snapping abilities and open up new opportunities in terms of augmented-reality photography.

Notched smartphone screens look set to continue making an impact on the market, although in the long term it seems likely that camera and sensor equipment will be integrated behind the display rather than eating into it.

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