New Qualcomm chipset returns to quad core roots

QualcommFor the past couple of years, the top tier Android smartphones on the market have featured eight physical cores, delivering high levels of power and efficiency. And it seemed like the octa-core approach would remain the standard configuration for some time.

However major chipmaker, Qualcomm, has announced that its Snapdragon 820 processor will be a quad core product, meaning that it has half the cores of the preceding Snapdragon 810. And the firm is claiming that this will not stop it being even more of a performance beast in 2016.

Company spokesperson, David Kipping, explained that with a lot of testing it had become apparent that octa-core processors were simply unnecessary in the world of smartphones, with most cores remaining inactive during normal use. And so in terms of power and efficiency, four cores is now seen as the way to go, according to TechRadar.

Next year, the Samsung Galaxy S7 and HTC One M10 are likely to feature the Snapdragon 820 chipset under the skin, meaning that quad core CPUs are going to be fashionable once more, without users having to compromise any of the functionality they have come to expect from smartphones.