New Release: Samsung Tocco Gold

Samsung Tocco GoldThe Samsung Tocco is now available in gold.

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This latest version of the Tocco has had some major software updates since the original was launched back in June. The menus are believed to be faster, the web browser is improved and some new applications have been added. The Samsung Tocco Gold is a well-equipped and ultra-stylish multimedia device. It’s a slim touchscreen phone with a large 2.8 inch display and 5 megapixel camera. It responds by gently vibrating when you press the on-screen buttons. There are just three keys on the front, and on the side you’ll find a camera shortcut key, a volume control and a hold button which locks the screen and keys. It has an excellent music player, an FM radio with RDS, stereo Bluetooth, a brilliant organiser and a good web browser.

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