New Samsung phone revives the clamshell design

Samsung G9198Anyone who is longing to go back to the days when flip phones were all the rage will be pleased to hear that Samsung is working on a device that very much has this vintage look on offer.

The good news is that the device, which has the development codename of G9198, will still feature some impressive hardware beneath its retro exterior.

It packs in a pair of 3.9 inch 720p Super AMOLED displays; one on either side of the upper half so that it can still showcase content when the clamshell is closed. A Snapdragon 808 processor is also onboard, along with a 2020mAh battery, according to G for Games.

In addition to the touchscreen displays, the phone also features a full alphanumeric keypad, so entering numbers and dashing off texts should be a doddle.

The only downside about all of this is that Samsung may choose not to launch the G9198 outside of Asia. This is a shame because it would almost certainly garner a lot of attention in the UK where there is surely a niche to fill for a retro-modern device like this which no other manufacturer has considered.