New smartphone chip to boost photography capabilities

Snapdragon 450The latest mid-tier Snapdragon chipset from Qualcomm is reported to be more powerful and feature-packed than any of its predecessors. And a focus on improving the quality of smartphone photography for buyers on a budget is at the top of the agenda.

Tech Radar reports that the Snapdragon 450 will be capable of coping with dual camera setups, while supporting singe sensors with up to 21 megapixels of capture resolution at their disposal.

The chip will also boast a number of other bells and whistles, including being able to operate in conjunction with retina scanning technology, as has previously been seen on range topping models like the Samsung Galaxy S8.

Efficiency improvements are promised thanks to the compact design of the chip, meaning that it should be able to increase battery life when compared with older handsets. Furthermore, it is compatible with fast charging systems, meaning that it will take just half an hour for the battery to reach three quarters of its capacity.

It does not take long for mobile manufacturers to start using new chipsets once they are introduced and the Snapdragon 450 is likely to start gracing new smartphones in the autumn of 2017.