New smartphone from OnePlus may launch next week

ONE-PLUS-3OnePlus has risen from obscurity to relative prominence in the past couple of years, with its third handset introduced earlier this year to critical acclaim. And now an updated version, known as the OnePlus 3T, is rumoured to be on its way to market.

PocketNow reports that the 3T could be unveiled on the 14th of November, since OnePlus has booked in an event to be held in London next week, at which a major announcement is expected to take place.

Although the specifications for this phone have yet to be confirmed, insiders have suggested that it could come with a QHD display resolution, outdoing the 1080p panels of its predecessors. It should also sport a quicker Snapdragon 821 chipset and a bigger battery to keep everything running for longer.

The final rumour doing the rounds is that the OnePlus 3T will be available in more than one colour, with its silver standard edition being joined by a black model to give buyers more choice.

All should be revealed in under a week, although fans of the firm may want to wait until 2017 at which point the OnePlus 4 will arrive with significantly improved components onboard.