Next HTC flagship phone revealed early

HTC oneLast year’s HTC One was a critical darling and a relative commercial success, so a follow-up was inevitable, although in 2014 the replacement will also be known as the One, which might confuse things slightly.

And now UK retailer, Carphone Warehouse, has jumped the gun and confirmed its existence before HTC even had a chance to pull back the curtains on the device itself.

The phone will apparently be going on sale in the UK from March 25th, which is also thought to be the day on which the smartphone is being announced. So an almost instant roll-out of the all-new One will occur, if the reports are to be believed.

Admittedly, the availability of the HTC One will be limited to just six of the retailer’s major stores in London, but it is still an intriguing strategy and one which might change the game if it proves successful.

The tech specs of the One remain a secret at the moment, although not an especially closely guarded one. Reports suggest it will have a five inch 1080p screen, a new processor and the latest version of Android onboard, which will be enough to keep it competitive when compared with the Samsung Galaxy S5.

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