Nexus 4 has 4G chip, but no compatible antenna

Google Nexus 4

In an odd turn of events, it seems that the Google Nexus 4 smartphone may be able to access 4G LTE networks, at least in theory, since its motherboard possesses the necessary chip to decode the high speed signal.

However, since the handset does not actually have a 4G compatible antenna, nor the amplifier that would allow this to operate, it cannot actually take advantage of 4G LTE networks which recently went live in the UK.

This is a pity, since the Nexus 4 has otherwise received high review scores and been favourably compared to the likes of the iPhone 5, which does indeed support LTE as standard.

The 4G chip was discovered within the Nexus 4 when iFixIt took one of the phones apart in order to get a good look at the components within it.

With LTE, the Nexus 4 could be a really future-proof handset, but instead, it is simply one of the best on the market at the moment, which is a status that will change over time, as 4G becomes more widely available in the UK and a growing number of smartphones offer support for it.

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