NFC chips coming to next-gen Windows Phone handsets

NFC (image from Wikipedia)

Microsoft has implied that future Windows Phone 7 mobiles will feature NFC (Near Field Communications) capabilities as standard, allowing it to keep up with Google and Apple.

The arrival of Android 2.3 and the Google Nexus S, with NFC built in, has started something of an arms race amongst rival manufacturers, with rumours hinting at the next iPhone sporting the technology and now Microsoft putting its own spin on the story.

NFC is the tech which allows for contactless payments to be made by mobile users, letting them buy products and services within a limited price range when they are out and about, without having to reach for their wallets and fumble for their cards before remembering their PIN.

NFC is also being pursued by Nokia for the Symbian range of smartphones and now that it is in partnership with Microsoft, it looks likely that Windows Phone 7 will also get support in an update, according to Bloomberg.

NFC is clearly causing a stir in the mobile industry and payment card firms are also leading the charge. All that is required is for consumers to start using it in large numbers and its success will be assured.

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