Nokia 2610 with 12 Months FREE

Nokia 2610 12 months free

Get your hands on a Nokia 2610 with a 12 month T-Mobile Combi 30 contract giving you 300 anytime minutes per month to call any network, plus 200 texts.  Line rental is £30 per month and you can claim £360 cash back meaning the total cost over 12 months = £0!

The Nokia 2610 is a capable mobile when it comes to doing what mobiles do best.  With a straight-forward keypad layout and simple Nokia menu system it’s a very easy phone to live with. The 2610 weighs just 91g and has an excellent battery life with up to 5 hours talk time and 10-15 days standby. Although it’s classed as an entry level phone the 2610 looks great and still has a large display with 65,000 colours. It’s also tri-band so you can use it almost anywhere in the world.  If you dig deeper into the 2610’s specs you’ll find it has 24 channel polyphonic ringtones and even some MP3 ringtones pre-installed in it’s limited 3MB memory.

With O2’s 12 month contracts having come to an end these kinds of deals are becoming rarer and rarer so grab them while you can!

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