Nokia boss fuels Android uptake rumours

Google Android
Google Android on a Nokia soon?

Comments made by Nokia’s CEO, Stephen Elop, has led to renewed speculation about the possibility that the Finnish mobile manufacturer will start producing Android based smartphones in 2011.

The comments were made by Mr Elop after Nokia reported on its uninspiring financial performance in the final three months of last year.

He said that Nokia would have to potentially join the current smartphone ecosystem in order to remain competitive over the coming months, with the obvious implication being that it might look to top dog operating systems like Android.

He also implied that many consumers now expect to see one of the major name platforms on new handsets so that they can access the services and software to which a majority of other users are privy.

The use of the word ecosystem is thought to be as a synonym for operating system in this instance and Nokia has found that although it has renewed its Symbian platform, there is still a discrepancy in the functionality and user-friendliness which it offers when compared to rival platforms.

Nokia is not tied only to Symbian as its partnership with chip manufacture Intel will bear fruit in the form of MeeGo-based mobiles in 2011. However, it could be seeking a greater market share and picking up Android might suffice.

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