Nokia brand revived for Android phone

Nokia LogoAlthough Nokia may have been killed off as a mobile manufacturing brand by Microsoft after its takeover, it seems that fans may not have seen the last ever Nokia handset to hit the market after all.

This is according to Nokia’s top representative in China, who claimed that the firm will be harnessing the factories that it owns in the area, to produce smartphones running Android next year, according to TechRadar.

Nokia has already dabbled with Android devices in the past and so it would not be unreasonable to assume that it is capable of creating budget-oriented handsets running this operating system, perhaps with emerging markets in mind.

And while Nokia itself has neither confirmed nor denied these assertions by one of its presidents, it seems like a statement made from someone so high up the chain of command should be given quite a lot of credence.

The Lumia brand lives on with Microsoft’s name tag attached and there are still models like the Nokia Lumia 830 on the market, for those who want to see what the company was capable of achieving when working with Windows Phone 8, rather than Google’s Android OS.

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