Nokia C7 to cost £359.99 sim free

Nokia C7Mobile giant Nokia has begun offering its upcoming C7 smartphone for a pre-order price of £359.99, precluding the first glut of contract deals which are likely follow this announcement.

The C7 is the natural sibling of the brand new N8, as it has the fresh Symbian 3 operating system onboard and is also blessed with an OLED touchscreen display, which will pop with vibrant colours. Onboard eight gigabytes of storage should give users plenty of space and if you do not want to spend £50 more for the N8, then the C7 could be a real boon.

Nokia published a statement in which it spoke out about the traditionally classy design of the C7, in tandem with its cutting edge smartphone capabilities.

Nokia’s online retail outlet has begun accepting initial orders for the C7 and the first batch of phones will be sent out on October 25th in the UK. Various network providers and retailers will have the C7 on their books from the first of November, so those who want to pick it up subsidised on contract deals will not have long to wait.

Nokia’s Sami Lehtinen said that the C7 will be compatible with many different games and applications, before mentioning the social networking integration that will be easily accessible.

Nokia C7 Deals

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