Nokia camera phone appears in leaked images

Nokia EOS

Nokia is holding a launch event on the 11th of July at which it is expected to unveil a new device tentatively called the EOS.

However, some images published by PocketNow and apparently originating in China, show what could well be this high end handset a little under a month before its official unveiling.

The EOS is set to be Nokia’s next major camera phone release, featuring a 41 megapixel sensor, which will put it on a par with the 808 Pureview, also from Nokia.

To put that in perspective, the Samsung Galaxy S4 has just 13 megapixels of image resolution available via its built-in sensor, which means the EOS will be well ahead of its closest rivals.

The leaked images also show that the new Nokia phone will feature an aluminium chassis which is similar to that of the Lumia 925.

It looks very thin and stylish, although with such a big camera sensor onboard, it is no surprise to see that this protrudes from the rear a little.

The launch event is taking place in New York and the world’s media will be in attendance, to see what Nokia has up its sleeve.

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