Nokia cuts jobs in preparation for Windows Phone 7 switch

Finnish mobile manufacturer Nokia has slashed over 4000 jobs in order to offload its focus on Symbian and prepare to accept Windows Phone 7 as its platform of choice for future mobiles.

A majority of those who are facing redundancy are working on Symbian and Meego, with Nokia choosing to give all of the Symbian-related work to partner firm Accenture.

Nokia CEO, Stephen Elop, said that those who were losing their jobs would be helped to find new positions so that their talents are not wasted.

It is definitely good to see that Nokia is looking to aid those made redundant after their tenure at the company ends and it is in keeping with the responsible, environmentally-friendly outlook of the manufacturer as a whole.

Nokia’s commitment to Windows Phone 7 is likely to mean that the market share of Microsoft’s platform will leap in the coming years, with some predicting that it will eclipse even Apple‘s iOS by 2014.

The fact that Nokia is banking entirely on Windows Phone 7 has concerned some, but with impressive specs announced for the first range of compatible handsets, it could be onto a winner.

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