Nokia dies so Lumia can live



Microsoft has confirmed speculation and announced that the Nokia brand is being killed off in the smartphone market, with the standalone Lumia nametag taking its place.

In the near future, the Microsoft Lumia range will be the talk of the town, with the Nokia moniker being relegated to relate only to the networking and mapping side of things, according to The Verge.

Nokia was once the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturer, but the rise of modern smartphones initiated by Apple back in 2007, saw it slip into irrelevance in the eyes of consumers. Microsoft snapped up the company last year and the threat of the brand being retired has loomed large ever since.

Other sources suggest that Nokia is not the only brand that Microsoft is tossing aside, as it attempts to restructure its position in the mobile market. Windows Phone could also be axed, although there will continue to be a Windows presence on smartphones.

The recently announced Windows 10 platform is set to appear on mobiles, tablets and desktop PCs, so perhaps Microsoft is moving towards a more cohesive approach to branding, in addition to making changes to how it builds operating systems.

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