Nokia E7: Features that Make it the Best Symbian Smartphone

Nokia E7

We all know that high-end Symbian smartphones don’t really cut it in terms of intuitivity when compared to similar iOS and Android based handsets, however the Nokia E7 could be a major step in the right direction and that this could be the best Symbian smartphone ever made.

So what makes it so good? There are 5 main aspects of the E7 which makes it a success, these are its keyboard, form-factor, build quality, multitasking and screen.

The E7′s slide-out QWERTY keyboard rocks, previously handsets like the N97 and N97 mini have featured flat keys, however this is not the case with the E7 and it is said to result a very desirable typing experience. The smartphone is decently sized – not too bulky – considering that this packs both a large screen and and full QWERTY keyboard. The E7 feels rock solid in hand, giving you the feeling it’s worth every penny spent on it. It comes with real multi-tasking which works like on your PC. You can easily switch between the running apps using the visual app switcher. Unlike Android, Symbian won’t kill your running apps when it thinks it needs to. The screen features the ClearBlack technology allows reading even on the direct sunlight.

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