Nokia implementing Windows Phone 7 delay

Nokia Windows Phone 7
Windows Phone 7 powered Nokia Delayed?

The first Nokia smartphone to be based on the Windows Phone 7 platform is likely to be delayed until next year, according to an interview with a Nokia executive.

D Shivakumar, who manages Nokia’s Indian operations, told Daily News Nokia that the Finnish firm is simply underwhelmed by Windows Phone 7 in its present form and will be holding off its own handset support until it has matured further.

Mr Shivakumar said that Nokia would be willing to wait another year for the software to fully form to its satisfaction, which would put a 2012 launch date on any handset which the firm is going to launch in partnership with Microsoft.

From this interview it seems that Nokia is going against the grain of critical opinion and claiming that Windows Phone 7 is not modern or stable enough to compete with its rivals, which is something that many reviews would contradict.

With billions of pounds and the reputation of the company tied up in its deal with Microsoft, Nokia should really be trying to make the Windows Phone 7 adoption work in its favour. Instead it seems it is playing into the hands of naysayers, although these could be the opinions of an individual and not the whole firm.

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