Could Nokia be introducing an Android handset?

nokia-normandyNokia’s broad embracement of Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system was originally thought to be at the exclusion of all other mobile platforms, but rumours of an Android-based device from the Finnish manufacturer have re-emerged this week, suggesting that this may not be the case.

A Nokia handset, codenamed the Normandy, and alleged to be running Android 4.4, has been cropping up in a number of posts online, including those made to the EVLeaks Twitter account.

The interface has emerged via additional publications, indicating that it will use colourful icons and a non-standard Android homescreen.

Nokia is of course owned by Microsoft, so the idea that it will be embracing a software solution developed by Google may seem a little farfetched. However, mounting evidence is beginning to put this into question and the Normandy is tipped for release at some point this year.

For some time Nokia’s position in the mobile market looked tenuous, but Windows Phone has helped it to catch back up with competitors. Now, with an Android device thought to be on the way, it has an even better chance of winning over buyers and putting pressure on Samsung and Apple.

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