Nokia N8 getting mobile TV on Virgin Media

Nokia N8Virgin Media has announced that the Nokia N8 which is set to launch on its network will come with a preinstalled app that will allow users to view TV shows on their mobiles wherever they roam.

The Virgin Media Player application is not only going to be loaded onto N8 handsets sold by the firm but it is also going to arrive on the Ovi Store, Nokia’s digital download portal for its smartphones.

A variety of on demand TV services will become available on the N8 thanks to the Virgin Media Player app, including 4OD from Channel 4 and services operated by MTV and kids station Nickelodeon.

The Nokia N8 is an ideal device for watching media because of its 3.5 inch touchscreen display that uses OLED technology to provide better contrast and deeper colours than any of its standard LCD-sporting rivals.

Virgin Media’s Jonathan Kini praised the N8’s capabilities and said that its media-playing prowess had led the network to install this TV app so that all customers can enjoy its features. Mr Kini also pointed out that more and more people are using their mobiles to stream video and consume media, so having a handset that is ready for the future makes sense.

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