Nokia N8 hit with power down glitch rumours

The recently launched Nokia N8 is allegedly prone to powering down automatically without the user’s input and then rendering itself unusable, according to rumours which have since been commented upon by Nokia executives.

Nokia N8The Nokia N8 was billed as a significant launch for the Finnish firm as it has been losing out on the smartphone market under an assault of high end handsets from the likes of HTC and Apple. Luke warm reviews for the N8 have not helped matters, but this error could make things even worse in the coming weeks.

Nokia’s Niklas Savander used the firm’s website to explain that it was aware of issues relating to the N8’s automated powering down, although he endeavoured to reassure users that this was only being experienced by a small number of early adopters.

Another spokesperson explained that Nokia had noted this problem during the development of the phone and had subsequently fixed it. No one has put a figure on the number of people who are likely to suffer from this flaw.

While the reviews of the Nokia N8 failed to match the levels of praise heaped upon its rivals, it looks like this might be an isolated incident that will, ideally, be forgotten in a few days.

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