Nokia N800 Windows Phone 7.5 handset promo leaked

Windows Phone 7.5 handset could launch in weeks. The long-awaited Nokia Windows Phone 7.5 handset may arrive before the end of the year, after promotional materials for a device called the Nokia 800 were uncovered.

The handset could be the Nokia Windows Phone previously pre

Nokia N800 Windows Phone

viously known as the Sea Ray and appears in a pair of posters revealed on the Pocketnow website.

Nokia World, which takes place later this month in London, it represents the last real opportunity for the Finnish company to reveal its Windows Phone hand and get the devices out before 2011 is out.

Finally a sunrise for Nokia?

One ad which shows a screen shot of the device says: “Today the sun will rise and set, the rest is up for grabs,” while a second promo reveals the device by name and touts an 8-megapixel camera.

It reads: “Just click the button on the side of the new Nokia 800 and an 8-mp photo can be easily tagged, shared with your groups or social networks and stored in an album in seconds.”

There have been plenty of codenames and speculation about what the first Nokia phone to boast Microsoft’s operating system will actually be called.


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