Nokia points finger at Samsung for decision to avoid Android


Nokia was faced with a touch decision a couple of years ago when trying to work out how to best enter the modern smartphone market, after it became apparent that its home-grown Symbian software did not cut the mustard.

As everyone now knows, it chose to harness Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system, which seemed a slightly odd move, given that it had a tiny stake in the market at the time, with Android being the dominant platform and arguably the more obvious option for a firm of Nokia’s calibre.

However, this week Nokia chief exec, Stephen Elop, explained the reasoning behind the Windows Phone embracement during an interview with the Guardian.

The main reason that his company gave Android a miss was the fact that Samsung was clearly such a high flyer with Google’s platform, making it tougher for newcomers to stand out alongside it.

Elop said that he did not want Nokia to go down the same road as HTC, playing second fiddle to Samsung and struggling to survive on the scraps that fall from its table.

Windows Phone adoption has not completely solved Nokia’s problems, but it is perhaps in a stronger position because of it.

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