Nokia stretches Symbian support into 2012


Nokia has said that it will still be releasing smartphones based on the Symbian operating system, despite its recent commitment to make the transition to Windows Phone 7 in order to remain competitive.

Nokia notified software developers about its intentions for the coming two years, saying that while Windows Phone 7 is ultimately going to be represented on its flagship handsets, the interim period will see Symbian mobiles still being churned out, as users run down their contracts and start to accept the Finnish firm’s new direction.

What is significant about the announcement is that Nokia will be upping the specs and updating the software for future Symbian mobiles arriving this summer. It could mean we see the first Symbian smartphone with at least a 1GHz processor on board, which would certainly be a revelation.

Changes to the homescreen, widgets and various Ovi services are also promised in the correspondence, according to i-programmer.

Nokia pointed out that there are already 150 million mobiles still using Symbian today, which perhaps explains its reluctance to totally commit to Windows Phone 7. It could be many months or even years before Symbian is a long distant memory.

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