Nokia to fulfil promise on N900 MeeGo dual-boot

Nokia N900Finnish mobile manufacturer Nokia, has said that its N900 smartphone will no longer be languishing with a single operating system installed but will soon give users the option to install the new MeeGo OS alongside the current Maemo 5 platform, for a dual-boot experience like no other.

The N900 was seen as something of an accomplished but inaccessible oddity in reviews when it launched almost a year ago, with its appeal set firmly in the hardcore technophile camp. However its dedicated followers will soon be able to enjoy a pledge made in March, when a firmware update brings dual-boot capabilities to the smartphone in officially sanctioned form.

The news came via the MeeGo blog, so it is likely that the update is on its way in the near future. The post even suggests that developers will be able to code applications, which can work on both operating systems, which will definitely be a beneficial step.

Early reviews of the Nokia N900, suggested that despite its lack of obvious mainstream appeal, it could become much better in the future as the software platform developed. Now it looks like this long-awaited prophecy is coming to pass and Nokia’s focus on MeeGo as its high end platform could be based on the N900’s success.

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