Nokia undergoes rebranding to move forwards

Nokia Pure

Finnish mobile manufacturing giant Nokia has continued its attempts to revamp its image by rebranding itself using a brand new font for its previously iconic logo.

Nokia’s former logo was thoroughly etched into the minds of all mobile fans and had many different connotations, both positive and negative, depending on your prior experiences.

Nokia’s marketing team has clearly felt like the firm needs a fresh new appearance to go with its internal evolution and so the new Nokia Pure font is being brought to the table.

The arrival of Nokia Pure has been accompanied by a fairly wordy press release, which hints at the magnitude of this change for one of the world’s most recognisable brands.

It looks like Nokia is going to be using the font not only for its logo, but also for every other aspect of its operations, as it argues that is has been designed to be both beautiful and easy to use in the modern, digital environments in which many people operate today.

With the support for Windows Phone 7 and the rebranding of its logo and font, Nokia is taking a head-on approach to altering its image in 2011.

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