Nokia update for Windows Phone leaked online

Nokia Windows Phone

Finnish mobile manufacturer Nokia is gearing up to release an update that will bring Windows Phone 7.8 to its range of Lumia handsets early next year, although a leak has seen the software land a little sooner than expected.

WP 7.8 is set to supplement the last generation of Microsoft-powered handsets, which are not compatible with the all-new Windows Phone 8.

The update may be official, but you will need to go via the third party Navifirm site, if you want to download it, so it is probably better to wait a few weeks to get it through a mainstream channel.

WP 7.8 adds a variety of new features, including an overhauled homescreen with better Live Tile implementation. While it may not be up there with WP 8 in terms of augmentations, it is good to see ongoing support for older devices.

Owners of models such as the Nokia Lumia 800 and 900, will be eligible for the update once it finally lands, although if you want to experience the full Windows Phone 8 platform, then you should check out the newer Lumia 820 and 920, rather than an older Nokia handset option.

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