Nokia working on quad core Windows Phone handset

Nokia EOS

The next flagship smartphone from Nokia could feature a quad core processor, according to benchmark information which surfaced on GFXBench in the last few days.

So far, anyone who wants a Windows Phone 8 handset will need to settle for a dual core CPU, which is more than enough to make the most of Microsoft’s platform but looks a little weak when compared with the quad and octo-core chips that are making their way to Android mobiles.

Industry observers believe that Nokia will be launching a phone called the EOS next month and although not much is known about this device, it is assumed that it could well feature a quad core processor if the benchmarking data is accurate.

The EOS will also be endowed with a PureView camera, sporting a 41 megapixel sensor, which might well merit the additional processing power.

Other features to expect include a high-def display and an alloy chassis, which is in keeping with the look and feel of the Lumia 925.

Nokia’s Lumia range is really maturing in 2013, stepping away from its colourful, youth-oriented roots, towards a more adult approach to handset design and features.

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