Nokia X set for impending announcement

Nokia XAn all-new mid range Nokia handset will be unveiled before the end of the month, according to early ads spied in China by ITHome.

The Nokia X will not compete with the iPhone X in terms of specs or price, but should offer a modest selection of hardware to help it compete with the vast array of Android smartphones already available at the moment.

Not much is known about its hardware, other than that it will come with 64GB of storage space as standard, along with up to 6GB of RAM and a processor from the Qualcomm Snapdragon family under the skin.

The images of the X that have appeared this week show that it will have a high quality finish, with lots of glass up front and a metal-edged trim surrounding the touchscreen display. So it could outclass its closes rivals in terms of styling and hand feel.

There are lots of other Nokia-branded mobiles on the way in 2018, including the range-topping Nokia 9, which is set to touch down in the autumn. And while the Finnish brand may now be licensed by HMD, it still has a lot of cache with smartphone-buying consumers.