Nokia X7 reappears in leaked images

Nokia X7
The Nokia X7?

Nokia has kept quiet about the X7 smartphone ever since it first appeared last November, but it looks like the handset is definitely close to launch as leaked images show it in much of its glory.

As Nokia has yet to officially announce the handset, much of the information relating to specs and capabilities is based on guesswork but there is a general consensus about most of its features which makes it look like a very attractive mobile, at least on paper.

With a four inch display it will be half an inch larger than the current Nokia kingpin the N8. An eight megapixel camera on the rear will be fitted with HD video recording capabilities, as is the minimum requirement for high end mobiles at the moment.

The X7 will run Symbian 3, just like the N8 and C7, although observers are still critical of this operating system, since detractors feel it is just a little too archaic when compared with the likes of Android and iOS.

The X7 is expected to break cover at the Mobile World Congress event next month, according to Pocket Lint, so it should only be weeks before the whole truth is revealed.

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