Nokia X71 Introduced with Unique Camera

Nokia X71
Nokia X71

While it may be unlikely to launch outside of Asia, the latest Nokia handset is worth talking about because of its interesting camera set-up.

Unlike other modern mobiles, the X71 will be equipped with a punch-hole camera, which means that instead of encroaching on the screen via a notch in the bezel, it will instead be completely surrounded by the pixels of the display.

While the age of having a camera completely integrated with the screen to the point of being invisible is not yet here, this seems like a step in the right direction and means that many other manufacturers may well follow suit with their own punch-hole offerings in the coming months. 

The screen itself measures 6.39 inches across the diagonal, and the device sports a trio of cameras on the rear, the highest resolution of which has a 48 megapixel sensor. In all, this should allow it to take on the best of the rest of the market in terms of photographic performance and general user experience.

Ideally, Nokia’s licence holder HMD will decide to distribute the X71 in the UK and Europe if it proves to be a sales success in the East, although this is not yet a guarantee.

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