Nokia’s rebirth rumoured

Nokia LogoMicrosoft may have put paid to Nokia as a brand in the mobile market last year, but now rumours suggest that it may be coming back in the near future, with an Android powered phone which doubles up as a Windows 10 compatible handset, according to Mobile Choice UK.

Nokia is, allegedly, working on a new mobile called the C1 which will feature a five inch 1080p touchscreen display, a processor built by Intel and 2GB of RAM, making it a mid range device, rather than a full flagship.

There have been Nokia handsets with Android onboard, in the form of the X and XL, but these did not exactly set the market alight. Now the C1 is said to be the firm’s attempt to return to the market, with a very unique twist of providing both Android and Windows 10, straddling the lines between two ecosystems in one fell swoop.

Nokia may belong to Microsoft, but the two companies have an agreement whereby the Finnish brand can return to manufacturing late next year. By allowing a third party firm to build the C1, it could get around this limitation and Nokia’s revival may come sooner than anyone expected.