Nokia's Windows Phone 7 handsets revealed

Nokia W7 and W8

The first batch of Nokia mobiles running Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 are likely to arrive in 2012 and use similar hardware to that which currently powers the flagship Symbian handsets from the Finnish manufacture, according to Russian tech site Habrahabr.

A pair of Windows Phone 7 mobiles called the W7 and W8 will be released by Nokia at some point next year, with their model numbers relating to the existing handsets which they mirror.

The W7 will use similar specs to the Nokia X7 while the W8 is going to be related to the N8. Of course to comply with Microsoft’s minimum system requirements there will be upgraded CPUs from Qualcomm within the two models.

The W8 will not quite live up to the 12 megapixel camera capabilities of the N8, instead using an eight megapixel sensor and standard LED flash. However, a dual core processor is likely to make it into the mix, which will easily allow it to outrun the first generation of Windows Phone 7 smartphones on paper.

Despite the drop in camera resolution it looks like Nokia will be focusing on photography as its speciality in the emerging Windows Phone 7 market.

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