O2 to launch Xperia Play in June

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play White

Although other major networks have already launched Sony Ericsson’s Xperia Play, O2 still has not yet launched the mobile.

Some bugs were discovered by O2 while testing the mobile known for its “Playstation” feature. This is the main reason why the network has experienced delays in its release of the mobile. The bugs, however, are unknown, but considering that the mobile has been launched in other networks, it is a curious case as to how severe these bugs really are.

On a lighter side, O2 users can now expect the mobile to be launched sometime in June, which has already been confirmed by the network. It seems that the said bugs that caused the delay have already been fixed, which makes the launch possible next month.

Many enthusiasts have wondered to what extent O2 has hurt itself with the delay as other networks have already launched the mobile during the time that the network has spent fixing bugs. Luckily for the network, they get to offer the exclusive Xperia Play in white version, plus the fact that the earthquake in Japan has undoubtedly slowed down production of the mobile.

For now, the exact date of O2’s Xperia Play launch is still undetermined, as well as other details.

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