OnePlus 5 promises impressive performance potential

OnePlus 5Figures comparing the upcoming OnePlus 5 against other modern flagships, including Samsung’s Galaxy S8, suggest that it could be quite a bit quicker than its closest rivals, according to Tech Radar.

One of the reasons for this performance gap is that OnePlus is thought to be equipping its latest smartphone with the impressive Snapdragon 835 chipset in combination with a healthy 6GB slice of RAM, enabling it to open apps more quickly than other big hitters.

While the difference between the amount of time it takes for apps to open may not seem all that important, in some cases the OnePlus 5 gets there more than 10 seconds faster than any other device. In particular, Google’s Pixel XL is left looking a little sluggish by comparison when launching mobile games.

A combination of cutting edge hardware and well optimised software look to be emerging in the 5’s favour, although future updates from Samsung and Google could redress the balance a little.

The OnePlus 5 should be getting an official launch in the next few weeks and is shaping up to be the most commercially successful of the handsets that this emerging Chinese firm has released so far.