OnePlus creates iPhone 6S case as clever marketing ploy

One Plus One XChinese mobile maker, OnePlus, is a relative newcomer to the market, but it has earned plenty of praise and attention thanks to its affordable, powerful devices. The OnePlus One, 2 and now the new X are all well equipped and relatively inexpensive, as well as only being available to buy via an invitation, which gives them a degree of exclusivity.

However, OnePlus has now made it a lot easier to get one of these invites, because it is including one free with a new accessory it is selling for £15.99. The accessory itself is a case designed to fit the iPhone 6S, which the firm suggests would make a good gift for those fans who have Apple-owning friends.

This attention grabbing promotional gambit is also a way of making its own devices more visible to the mainstream.

Meanwhile, the OnePlus X is a worthwhile device for people to seek an invite to buy, since it costs only £199 and comes with a five inch 1080p touchscreen, a powerful processor, 3GB of RAM and 16GB of built-in storage space.

There are questions over this strategy because it could be construed as OnePlus essentially selling invitations to buy its products, but it has certainly managed to win some media coverage in the process.