Oppo introducing affordable new phablets

Oppo R7Chinese mobile manufacturers are giving their international rivals a run for their money at the moment, with Oppo being the latest firm to announce a pair of competitive handsets which could trouble the likes of Samsung and Apple.

The smaller of the two is known as the Oppo R7 and will feature a full HD display measuring five inches across the diagonal. A Qualcomm processor with eight cores and a 1.5GHz clockspeed will work together with 3GB of RAM, to make it a powerful contender. A 16 megapixel camera embedded in the brushed metal backing of the R7 will round off this device, which looks impressive on paper.

The R7 Plus will sport a screen that is a full inch larger than that of the standard model, according to TechRadar. It will still have a 1080p resolution, but interestingly, the surface will be curved a little like that of the LG G Flex 2.

Things like a fingerprint scanner, 4100mAh battery and 4G networking potential will all be part of the R7 Plus package. And while Oppo has not announced a UK release for these handsets, they may well appear here before the end of the year.