Parking reminders coming to Android

Image via techcrunchcar.blogspot.comGoogle is making Android a little bit more practical for people who regularly have to park their car but can have trouble remembering where they left it. This is thanks to a new Google Now feature that is designed to give you a pinpoint location of your vehicle’s last position, so that you do not have to spend any time fruitlessly searching for it.

The app has been further enhanced with location-based services, which will even tell you where you got off the bus and where you last left a friend?s car, so that all your transport bases are covered if you need to retrace your steps.

This can all be controlled via voice commands and there is little doubt that Google Now is becoming one of the most useful Android features, especially for those with a busy schedule to manage.

There is still a lot of debate over whether Apple’s Siri offers a better degree of functionality, but Google is really pulling out the stops to deliver a wider range of features, leveraging a number of recent acquisitions to introduce new technology to its smartphones which will help to make everyday life that bit easier.

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