Pixel 2 gets photography upgrade

Pixel 2It is usually impossible for a smartphone to get upgraded significantly many months after its initial unveiling, but the Google Pixel 2 is a certified mould-breaker in this respect.

Photo loving users will be pleased to hear that the full capabilities of the phone’s camera have been unlocked for the first time this month, with a dedicated imaging chip going online via a software update.

The main benefit of this unleashed processor is that it will make pictures snapped within third party social media apps, including Instagram and Snapchat, look on a par with any other photo captured on the Pixel 2.

TechRadar reports that the market-leading imaging potential of Google’s current flagship handset have been pushed even further. Now perhaps unsurprisingly, a little machine learning is being used to optimise photos to new levels of fidelity.

Problematic lighting conditions which might once have caused dull images or over-exposure can be tackled by the Pixel Visual Core processor. New levels of detail can be tapped into by users and rival mobile manufacturers will need to work hard to better the features that are on offer here.

The rollout of the update that brings the chip to life will be ongoing over the course of February, so users without access at the moment need to be patient.

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