Plans for mobile coverage on London Underground shelved

London Underground

News that the London Underground system will no longer be getting mobile coverage ahead of the 2012 Olympics will be greeted with ire by millions of commuters and sports fans.

The major UK mobile network operators announced that the scheme would no longer be in place in time for the games, in part due to the huge scale of work that would be required to set up the system far beneath the earth that would allow mobile users to surf, chat and text from the tube.

In a joint statement the networks said that while they would not be able to deliver subterranean mobile coverage in time for next year’s events, ongoing research and work would look into how mobile customers might have their communication needs satisfied via difference projects.

There have already been significant investments in the project, with Chinese mobile manufacturer Huawei making headlines last year when it pledged £50 million to help get the service up and running.

One alternative being mooted is the creation of Wi-Fi hotspots across London to ensure that people can access the web for free while they are in town enjoying the various events.

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