Police Call on Major Manufacturers to Make Smartphone Passwords Mandatory

SmartphoneSecuritySmartphone theft is still a big problem in the UK. The authorities are hoping to tackle it by working with the world’s biggest mobile manufacturers to ensure that every new device sold in the future comes with a password to protect it as standard, according to The Register.

Police are targeting major players, including Apple and Samsung, in an attempt to convince them to set passwords as a default, so that people are in the habit of using a code when unlocking their device.

Plenty of people already take this precaution, but it makes it much easier for thieves to access personal information and render devices untraceable before they are sold on if there is no code in place.

Strangely, it seems as if this is not an entirely new scheme from the police but rather one that they have been attempting to push through since 2012, according to TechRadar. And while users will presumably be able to disable passwords once they have started using a smartphone, the idea of shaping a more security-focused set of usage habits is not a bad one.

So far, only Samsung has publically shown support for the concept, but more manufacturers may follow suit in the near future.

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