Pressure sensing smartphones set to multiply in 2016

Apple 3D TouchA new IHS report suggests that almost a quarter of the smartphones sold next year will come with screens that can detect how much pressure is being applied to them by users, according to TechRadar.

This means that Apple’s Force Touch technology, which is already found on the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus as well as the Apple Watch, has been enough of a selling point to convince its rivals to embrace similar systems.

Samsung’s Galaxy S7 is just one of the flagship phones anticipated to launch with a pressure sensitive display in 2016. And it will not just be top tier models which benefit, as mid range devices are also going to embrace this type of feature, analysts predict.

Being able to work out how much pressure is being used to interact with a touchscreen opens up an array of additional interactive capabilities, including things like making it easy to preview windows before you open them, or open secondary menus to launch specific features with ease.

The IHS report estimates that there will be a 317 per cent boost in the sale of the tech that makes pressure sensitive displays a possibility, meaning that over 460 million devices will feature it.