Price of iPhone 3GS plummets

The iPhone 3GS, which is now nearly two years old, is being cut down in price by UK network provider O2, making it one of the most affordable Apple-branded handsets on the market.

Consumers will be able to pick up the 3GS for as little as £15 a month, although at this price the bundle will be limiting when you consider the smartphone’s features as it has no data allowance. Of course getting an iPhone free may be enough of an incentive to allow consumers to move past this issue.

The iPhone range has traditionally been one of the most expensive around and UK networks have not really had to be overly competitive on pricing to win new customers, but some are claiming that O2’s price drop gives an indication about some approaching changes which are not currently known to the media.

The iPhone 5 is thought to have been delayed until early autumn as a result of the disasters in Japan, but dropping the price to clear the stock of an old handset is an action carried out to prepare for the launch of a new model, so it is possible that O2 is getting ahead of the game.

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