Prototype Windows Phone 7 handset from Sony Ericsson snapped

Sony Ericsson Prototype
Sony Ericsson + Windows Phone 7?

Leaked pictures showing what looks to be a Sony Ericsson smartphone running Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 operating system have emerged online, making it seem likely that yet another major manufacturer is jumping onboard with the fledgling platform.

The pictures are not high quality but what they show is obviously a Sony Ericsson branded device with Windows Phone 7 software and capacitive buttons all present and correct.

As well as featuring a large touchscreen display, the alleged prototype has a full landscape slide-out QWERTY keypad, judging from the images acquired by WMPowerUser.

Sony Ericsson had already implied that it was considering the backing of Windows Phone 7 earlier in the year and the images seem to be confirmation that a handset is in development, although just because a prototype exists, does not mean that it will definitely make it to the market.

With Nokia recently announcing its commitment to Windows Phone 7 and the first slew of handsets selling well, despite some update-based setbacks, Microsoft’s position in the mobile market is looking stronger than ever. Along with Android and iOS, Windows Phone 7 is quickly emerging as the next most important smartphone platform.

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