QHD screen confirmed for Galaxy Note 4

Image via techradar.comSamsung is almost certainly going to pack a QHD screen into the Galaxy Note 4, ahead of its launch this September, as eagle-eyed visitors to the manufacturer?s official site found a detailed user agent profile outlining its vital statistics, according to Phone Arena.

This will mean that the Galaxy Note 4 can sit alongside LG’s G3 in offering a display with a 2560×1440 resolution; significantly higher than the current generation of 1080p panels, like the one found onboard the Galaxy Note 3.

The next-gen phablet from Samsung will stick with a 5.7 inch screen size, but with more pixels onboard, the density should be pushed up, resulting in impressive levels of clarity and crispness.

Recent reports suggest that the Galaxy Note 4 will also be equipped with either a flat or a curved display, depending on the model you choose, which will represent the first time that Samsung has chosen to diversify this range with such distinct variants.

This device will be making its debut during the IFA 2014 event in September, at which point Samsung is also thought to be revealing another QHD-toting device, called the Galaxy F, which will match the Galaxy S5 in terms of screen size.

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