Quad core chip a no-go for iPhone 5

iPhone 5

A flurry of rumours surrounding the iPhone 5 has been generated in the past week, with various leaks revealing information purported to accurately outline the features of Apple‘s next handset.

One of the more interesting titbits reported by 9to5Mac, is that the new iPhone will apparently feature a dual core processor and not a more powerful quad core CPU.

This prediction is based on the fact that the iPhone 5 will only have a slightly larger battery than the iPhone 4S, which observers say will preclude a faster processor from its list of components.

While the iPhone 5 could be underpowered on paper when compared to quad core Android phones like the HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S3, Apple is excellent at optimising its iOS software, so that not a single clock cycle is going to waste.

The iPhone 5 should be officially unveiled next month and it is highly unlikely that Apple will confirm or deny any of these rumours until that point.

The third generation iPad launched earlier this year and retained a dual core processor, despite the influx of quad core chips in the Android tablet market, so it seems the new iPhone will follow suit.

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