Quick charging mobile battery upgraded

Storedot quick charge batteryA battery technology that allows you to charge your phone in just 30 seconds made an appearance at last week’s CES event over in Las Vegas, hinting at a future in which you do not need to leave your phone plugged in for hours on end after it runs out of juice.

Created by a firm called StoreDot, the quick charging battery was actually first unveiled last April, although it was much larger than would be practical for use in mobile devices at the time. Now it has been scaled down to fit in with modern devices, with the engineers hoping that it will perhaps be widely used within three years.

The problem facing this battery solution at the moment is that the capacity of the cells is around 900mAh, according to TechRadar. This is less than half that of many modern devices, so 30 second charging will be convenient, but more regular charging may be necessary.

The 2000mAh battery that StoreDot has created is a bit more suitable for everyday use and takes three minutes to charge. And this kind of technology is likely to make its way in to electric cars, as well as handsets, in the future.

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