Quintet of cameras promised for next LG flagship phone

Insider information published this week suggests that the upcoming V40 ThinQ smartphone from LG should come full to the brim with cameras, according to Tech Radar.

A total of five separate lenses are said to be found throughout the body of the phone, with three on the rear and two up front.

The biggest changes to the primary camera array will be the ability to capture standard images with one lens, while the other couple cater to super wide angle shots and telephoto zoom capabilities, respectively.

The selfie snappers will also benefit from a basic lens accompanied by one which can capture wide angle images.

More and more mobiles are packing multiple camera lenses on the rear, but LG could be the first to add two to the front as well, making it a boundary pusher and giving the V40 ThinQ the opportunity to shine when it is finally released.

It will need to compete with the likes of the iPhone XS and the Huawei P20 Pro, but it stands a decent chance of offering smartphone fans something a little different, if only in terms of its cameras and its branding.

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